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Lehra Tiranga – Hard Kaur featuring Bhaven Dhanak


All patriotic songs are motivational, bringing out emotions that often appear to be bottled inside, and so too it is with “Lehra Tiranga”, composed by the artiste born in Meerut as Taran Kaur Dhillon, but returning from Birmingham as Hard Kaur. After the obvious indulgence in Bollywood, it is a pleasant feeling to note [pun intended] that the artiste has not forgotten her nationalistic roots with lyrics provided by Sonny Ravan. From the keyboard/vocal opening to the introduction of percussion, “Lehra Tiranga” is certainly one of Hard Kaur’s better compositions with a richer scope. The end result is a paradox of a sombre theme but with vibrant arrangements that is sure to provide a wider appeal to listeners that go beyond Hard Kaur.


– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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Sherni – Hard Kaur


Born Taran Kaur Dhillon, this Meerut born’s success as Hard Kaur occurred when she returned to Indian shores after having based herself in Birmingham. Since then, Hard Kaur has indulged in Bollywood as well continued a parallel career as an independent singer with evolving sounds from pop rap to – and in living up to her name – hard core as on “Sherni”, where the lyrics have been written and the music composed by the artiste herself. Sherni is a song on women empowerment, where Hard Kaur will urge all women to be strong and be shernis in real life. While her new musical identity and rap approach makes Hard Kaur’s sound leaner as on the existing arrangements of “Sherni”, her rapping has got tougher and more fluid. “I represent female empowerment to my core. I wrote this song four years ago but didn’t release it till now as I didn’t think people were ready for this kind of track. We don’t really get much support for this kind of material because it’s not commercial. So now that the digital scene is so big, artists like me can afford to drop our music independently and let our fans enjoy our true work,” said Hard Kaur. She added, “With all the bullshit that’s been happening in our country regarding rape, sexism, and ill treatment towards women, I think we are done taking all this crap. Enough! We all need to be shernis and let the world know that.”

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI.