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Maraz | Tariq


Kolkata born, bred, and raised singer Tariq has developed a bonding with music since 11 and has been performing live since the past 16 years or so. On “Maraz”, he indulges in a romantic ballad on this keyboard-based track. Although Tariq’s bio speaks about his having indulged in various genres, on “Maraz”, he shows a penchant for melodic songs through his music, production and, of course, his rich, unique voice, with lyrics provided by renowned poet Munawwar Rana. It is very evident that Tariq is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and, in fact, he appears as one of the few modern budding Hindi pop hopes to fully embrace affecting balladry and nuanced singing.

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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Dil Ki Baat – Greg & Stan


Singers, composers, and producers Greg and Stan have built their musical confidence on their past in Hindi pop to now venture into their second track for ArtistAloud with “Dil Ki Baat”. It is a song which, explain the duo [although the lyrics have been written by Greg only], is “about the nervous teenage romantic who experiences love at first sight and doesn’t have the courage to express” it [“Dil ki baat, kahoon na kahoon?/Mulakat, karoon na karoon?”]. On the musical side of things, on first listening, it surely takes time to accept the mix wherein the vocals are subdued and the instrumentation – mainly guitar, supported by a drum machine and keyboards – is upfront but, by the time you reach the song’s inevitable end, you begin to appreciate the looped beat, sultry bass groove, and subtle guitaring, placing the arrangements in perspective. Undoubtedly, every further listen to “Dil Ki Baat”, makes the song grow fonder!

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

24 Hour Jhol: Anand B Sheshadri

Currently based in the U.S., Anand B Sheshadri has apparently been pursuing music for the past 17 years, having been trained in Carnatic vocals and playing Western classical piano. But on ’24 Hour Jhol’, Anand’s past could not have been further away as he takes his up-tempo, percussion heavy track and, in providing an underlying theme of humour, he discusses various subjects in Hindi including, but not restricted to, the underground, unaccounted money, corruption, nepotism…well, you get the picture. With bits of English thrown in at intervals, this selection also appears to promote musical technology effectively, intermittently utilizing channel separation to showcase Anand’s vocals. This is a fun song with appropriately funny lyrics.

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 – Review by PARAG KAMANI