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Where Did We Go Wrong? – Babu Choudhary featuring Vijay Prakash

Babu - AA

While tracing the Indian history of rock ‘n’ roll, one name that is a certainty is Babu Choudhary, who started playing guitar in 1978 with ‘People’, a Mumbai-based rock band that featured musicians such as Ronnie Desai, Ranjit Barot, and Hosi Nanji, which became very popular in the college circuit then. For some intriguing reason, Babu stopped playing guitar for ten years thereafter but, fortunately for music listeners, he got back into playing in 2007 and has recently produced his first ever album, ‘Somewhere Out There’. “Where Did We Go Wrong?” is the appetiser with Babu’s innovative guitar style making it mandatory primer for younger guitarists, with its soothing chord progressions and usage of harmonic scales, supported by vocalist Vijay Prakash’s alaaps. “Where Did We Go Wrong?” is a haunting melody that goes to show how much Babu was missed during his self-imposed hibernation and, hopefully, there is no more slumbering before his next album. Welcome back, Babu!

Listen and Download the songs here:

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.