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Nachdi Vekh Ke: Pavneet Singh Birgi


That Punjabi pop is danceable and upbeat is a given. “Nachdi Vekh De” does not disturb that average [thank goodness!] as the guitar-based song’s hypnotic beats, and shining melody from the self-styled “renowned name in Punjabi music” makes a fine change on this selection from the conventional arrangements usually associated with bhangra beats. Punjabi music in general is so catchy that it really is a wonder that it has not found its way into the mainstream global music scene yet, even though we now live in a digital era. Pavneet Singh Birgi’s voice blends well with the track, accompanied intermittently either with male backing vocals or, as the case is, with female vocalists. Nevertheless, the song does tend to turn repetitive on occasion until you realise that it is precisely what Punjabi pop is all about!

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 – Review by PARAG KAMANI