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Reaching 30s – No Band Men



No Band Men – featuring Zoultu [aka Gaurav] on guitar and vocals, Abilash on bass, and Nithesh on drums – may not be perfectly polished but, on their obviously autobiographical “Reaching 30s”, it does establish their sound, attitude, and quirks. Simply put, the song is a little raw rock record, filled with fuzzy guitaring, barrelhouse rhythms, and what appears as contrived accents. No Band Men have a good, rock sound that hits at a gut level and, if the production is loose, it is probably because either No Band Men are still learning to hone their craft or have intended to leave their sound as such. Nevertheless, whatever may be the argument, this three-piece suit of musicians ensure that “Reaching 30s” works!

Listen and Download the songs here:

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.