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Maraz | Tariq


Kolkata born, bred, and raised singer Tariq has developed a bonding with music since 11 and has been performing live since the past 16 years or so. On “Maraz”, he indulges in a romantic ballad on this keyboard-based track. Although Tariq’s bio speaks about his having indulged in various genres, on “Maraz”, he shows a penchant for melodic songs through his music, production and, of course, his rich, unique voice, with lyrics provided by renowned poet Munawwar Rana. It is very evident that Tariq is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and, in fact, he appears as one of the few modern budding Hindi pop hopes to fully embrace affecting balladry and nuanced singing.

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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Aankhon Se – Manie Singh


Amritsar born, Kolkata raised Manie Singh is a man with a mission though, not necessarily, in pursuing his classical training of the Rajasthan gharana kind as can be gauged from “Aankhon Se”. The song is an amalgamation of various musical styles – noticeably, part of a colourful tapestry of a mid-tempo melody, smooth soul and pop, and alluring R&B – with instrumentation ranging from Indian to international [read Western]. Its roots harken back to sounds that you have heard before and, yet, paradoxically, “Aankhon Se” still manages to sound surprisingly fresh, and remain vibrant too, undeniably due to Manie’s voice, which makes him an artiste of potential talent and a budding star in his own right.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI

Khayalon Si – Kaushik Shukla


A singer-songwriter whose initial claim to success was as a semi-finalist of “Saregamapa”, Kaushik Shukla has been trained in Indian classic music but, although it does not show on “Khayalon Si”, the song – and Kaushik’s voice – still works independently.  Credit for that goes to his backup band consisting of guitarist Ronak Runwal, and percussionist Viraj Sose who, besides drums, has also utilised the West African popularised bongo-sounding djembe to complete the instrumentation. Kaushik, as composer-singer, has taken a simple musical approach that correctly focuses attention on his voice, while singing lyrics provided by Niranjan Pedanekar, which alternate between intimate emotional portraits and deep thoughts.


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Hosh Udaye – Chin2 Bhosle

Chin2 Bhosle_2


With a lineage that can be traced to the hallowed house of the Mangeshkars, it was inevitable that the cleverly spelt Chin2 would dwell into the realms of music. However, the management student has dabbled in a lot more creativity since but, for the purposes of this review, let us simply restrict conversation to his present calling. Strongly influenced by the Europop sounds of the ’80s, “Hosh Udaye” would not go amiss in a disco as the song artfully coalesces the sonic and stylistic elements of the then burgeoning new romantic movement: pumping synths and lean production, with other lightly glossed instrumentation. This is straight forward fun music.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI

Banjaara – Soulsmiths


Apparently, “Banjaara” is the first single for the Soulsmiths, a duo consisting of singer Shaili Shah and multi-talented Siddhant Mishra, who has written the lyrics, composed, sung, and produced this song. Instead of spreading himself thin and compromising himself in an all-in-one role, “Banjaara” appears to have brought out the best in Soulsmiths as this marvellous ballad showcases the talent behind the simplistic instrumentation of keyboards and controlled guitaring, all courtesy Siddhant. The vocal harmonies are welcome, the melody is as sublimely gorgeous, and is central to the arrangement. “Banjaara” shows an acute understanding of R&B grooves and an innate soulfulness, even at its poppiest moments.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI


Dur Dipobashini – Shawjeeb & Choir Bangla


ArtistAloud has a mammoth roster of artistes, rich with outstanding singing ensembles, but Choir Bangla – led in this instance by Shawjeeb, who is apparently a Toronto-returned Bangladeshi – is unique, performing traditional Bengali music without instrumental accompaniment. The style is, of course, known universally as acapella. Hearing the “song” for the first time was undeniably trying, but once heard on a number of occasions, it is certainly hair-raising, a rendition of what appears to be a traditional hymn whose simple and unadorned melody floats effortlessly. Certainly “Dur Dipobashini” highlights the warm harmonies and rounded tones of the choir’s singing style. It would certainly be interesting to listen to the entire album featuring this effort, “Notun Korey Pawa”, as “Dur Dipobashini” appears to be only a precursor.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI

Ohda Naaa: Sumesh Kapila


From being a wedding singer, Sumesh Kapila has come a long way, not least because his inspiration arrives from singer Gurdas Mann. “Ohda Naaa” – with music provided by Jawar Dildar – sees the softer side of Punjabi pop vis-à-vis the beat laden bhangra. The heavy sounds give way to a ballad here, with the keyboard based composition being rich in melody. The lighter sound provides a complete relief from the sounds of dhol that one usually associates with the pop of Punjab, but the rhythmic arrangements, combined with the fabulous voice of Sumesh, results in a joyous track bordering on Punjabi folk. With such a wealth of music available, Punjab continues to be a revelation for forthcoming sounds with “Ohda Naaa” being a prime example. Certainly a worthy listen.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI