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Kuch Is Tarah – Mustafa Sabuwala


Indian musicians are no longer taking chances with past consumer consumption patterns of purchasing physical formats and, for the first time ever, irrespective of genre, artistes are launching products predominantly online. While the release of products by indie pop/rock artistes – singing in English and in Hindi – is now a given, the genre that has sprung a surprise of going digital is ghazals. New talent has stolen a march in this initiative over the old school, such as Mustafa Sabuwala who is, in reality, an entrepreneur supporting his furnishing business, as well as in apparels, with musical passion. The arrangements on “Kuch Is Tarah” are melodic, and contain interludes from the featured instruments with Mustafa’s rendition of poetry assisted by clear diction.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI


Banjaara – Soulsmiths


Apparently, “Banjaara” is the first single for the Soulsmiths, a duo consisting of singer Shaili Shah and multi-talented Siddhant Mishra, who has written the lyrics, composed, sung, and produced this song. Instead of spreading himself thin and compromising himself in an all-in-one role, “Banjaara” appears to have brought out the best in Soulsmiths as this marvellous ballad showcases the talent behind the simplistic instrumentation of keyboards and controlled guitaring, all courtesy Siddhant. The vocal harmonies are welcome, the melody is as sublimely gorgeous, and is central to the arrangement. “Banjaara” shows an acute understanding of R&B grooves and an innate soulfulness, even at its poppiest moments.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI


Aa Bhi Jaa – Ranar


A journey that started in 2005 for Ranar, “Aa Bhi Jaa” is a pop song featuring, clearly, quality in voice, production, and in composition. Ranar has remained focused on good old-fashioned “music”, heralding the sounds from the ‘70s that were made contemporary by mainly boy bands as they remade hits from the past into bigger hits. This is a pop song stripped down to the essentials, using sincere lyrics, and simple melodies, without heavy synthetic distractions. Even the instrumentation, be it piano/keyboards or guitar, is utilised as required, not overlayered like many recent productions. An admirable effort no doubt, and here is looking at more pure pop for now people from Ranar.

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI

Bhor Bhayii: Archita Bhattacharya


Based in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, singer Archita Bhattacharya has undertaken post-graduation in Hindustani Classical vocals, having also learnt semi-classical and light classical music. Both her academics and subsequent musical training has held Archita in good stead on ‘Bhor Bhayii’, as the light keyboard-laden mid-tempo selection is both pleasant and comforting, especially with the multiple usage of Archita’s vocals and its multi-instrumentation that incorporates percussion [tabla, drums] and flute. The major advantage of listening to ‘Bhor Bhayii’ is that it covers a wide range of styles, played over subtle rhythmic modulations. So if you sing semi-classical and light classical music (devotional songs, ghazals, filmi songs, and ilk), the expressions of Archita’s vocals should make your riyaaz a rewarding experience.

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 – Review by PARAG KAMANI