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Paradise – Sam Systematic Seelan


Tamilian Senbege Seelan, who arrives from Malaysia, promotes a social cause on “Paradise” and, in turn, showcases his diverse talent in moving from tight and punishing metal sounds to the soft with equal spirit. On “Paradise”, Seelan provides his own ode to the homeless, querying: “What we do when see homeless in the streets? What [do] we think of them? How can we relate to them?” Seelan’s knack for also spilling his guts in heart-breaking fashion certainly achieves a new high on “Paradise”, one of the most affecting ballads from the musician, who has composed the music and written its lyrics. The hooks and the heartbreak come together brilliantly on “Paradise” and reiterate Sam Systematic Seelan’s immense talent.

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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Unmeiyal Vesham – Sam Systematic Seelan

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Tamilian Senbege Seelan arrives from Malaysia to foist his brand of tight and punishing metal sounds to the unsuspecting Indian listeners in the guise of Sam Systematic Seelan. His solo material here, “Unmeiyal Vesham”, is a song that describes the struggle within a man’s faith and belief, but don’t let those sentiments fool you as the fast, abrasive, and technically demanding tune receives just the right amount of melodic might from Seelan’s vocals. The expected fast tempos and defiant, do-it-yourself attitude is all inbuilt into “Unmeiyal Vesham”, making Seelan’s sounds of speed metal evolve into probably the world’s first solo musical piece of Tamil thrash metal.

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI.