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Bhujne Na Humne Diya [A Musical Tribute To Pancham Da] – Mushtaq Naik


One of the more talented music directors of the Indian film industry was undeniably Rahul Dev Burman [“RD”], who passed away in 1994, although he was liberal in taking pieces or entire songs from the West that he believed suited well with the films for which he was providing musical direction. Nicknamed ‘Pancham’, RD was the only son of the composer Sachin Dev Burman and, from the 1960s to the 1990s, RD composed musical scores for an incredible 331 films. He served as an influence to the next generation of Indian music directors and, as this album shows [‘Bujhne Na Humne Diya’], his songs continue to remain popular; this time around with Mushtaq Naik, a businessman.

His tribute consists of 12 songs from the glorious musical past of Pancham and, as admitted by him, Mushtaq has no formal training in music and hence, to cover this limitation, Mushtaq has packed his album with a number of singers in support: Sneha Pant, Shweta Pandit, Shraddha Pandit, and Amit Sawant. The instrumentation is low keyed, with the stress on keyboards in, perhaps, an effort to make the sounds contemporary. It remains indeed a difficult task to have people consume an album when the “originals” are freely available – in more ways than one – in the digital space, but there is no denying that Mushtaq Naik’s effort is noble.

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI.