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This Feels Right – Ujjayinee Roy


On “This Feels Right”, vocalist Ujjayinee Roy finally finds her true calling as a singer, as she takes a tangent towards jazz on this soft ballad and shows that there is a certainty to her singing career that goes way beyond her vocations as teacher, radio jockey, columnist, and actor, among other talents. With just a keyboard accompaniment, “This Feels Right” displays Ujjayinee’s vocal maturity, retaining not only her supreme confidence and precise intonation but, what I have always maintained, a wonderful voice. There are occasions when the simple arrangements may appear paradoxically bombastic, but listen patiently, and you begin to realise how it is the singer who suits the song. Even though the selection is poignant, ultimately it is Ujjayinee that makes the track impressive.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI


Kalighata Rain Clouds: Ujjayinee Roy


Singer, songwriter, producer, teacher, radio jockey, columnist, actor…well the list goes on…and makes you wonder whether there is anything that vocalist Ujjayinee Roy cannot do or, as the case is, has not done. Oh, in all this, Ujjayinee is also trained in Hindustani Classical music, but you will never guess all or any of what is stated previously while listening to “Kalighata”, a song that opens with what sounds like a dobro, before piano and guitar join the sounds of Indian rock that bubbles with harmonies, chord changes, and vibes. The song has a very country/rock influence and is catchy. The ascending arpeggios that begin the song provide an immediately recognizable hook which, along with fingerpicking guitar skills, firmly establishes the Chennai native’s fixation on cowboy and Western imagery. “Kalighata” appears to be India’s measured response in musical kilometres to “Black Velvet” from Canadian Alannah Myles!

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 – Review by PARAG KAMANI