The `Pop Qawwal’ is back !!


Altaf Raja, famous for his 1996 debut album `Tum to Thehre Pardesi’ which became an instant hit with the audience,  is back with a brand new album titled `ASHKON KI BARAAT’ . The new album is a romantic collage of shayari’s and songs.

In his interview for, the artist says ` Yes, I am making a comeback in the music industry with my album ‘Ashkon Ki Baraat’ presented by Venus Worldwide Entertainment. I give them hearty thanks for their gesture as they were also the presenters of my first album ‘Tum toh Thehre Pardesi’. My latest album is a bouquet of romantic songs visualizing the sweet pain of love and will surely reach the hearts of the audiences.”

Altaf Raja had become popular for his unique `pop qawaali ` style of singing . The singer was behind the scenes till now as a result of the sudden influx of new voices, change in the trend of music within the industry and the collapse of popular music in the country. ASHKON KI BARAAT, his new album has just been released through Venus worldwide entertainment.

Another independent artist is back with what he  does best and it’s great to know that !! Here’s hoping Altaf Raja and his new album creates history just like `Tum To Thehre Pardesi did’ back in 1996.

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